Welcome to The Vault Dance Studio!  Located in Pasadena and serving the greater Los Angeles area, The Vault is dedicated to providing exceptional dance training. Dance is used as a form of expression, creativity, and physical fitness. We believe dance is an art as well as a sport and provide the best experience for each individual who walks into the studio.  

           We train children and teen dancers of all levels by focusing on technique and performance.  We look forward to providing a place for children to learn, develop, and appreciate dance.  Join The Vault family to experience top of the line dance instruction by our passionate, talented, and award winning staff.  

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What we've been up to..


- Our lobby has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

- All door handles and handrails (stairway) have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

- All bathrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

- All air conditioning filters have been replaced to ensure clean air.

- All floors and mirrors have been ammonia cleaned and sanitized.

- All ballet barres have been acid stripped, sanded, and resealed to ensure cleanliness.

- All teaching tools (acro mats, yoga mats, blocks, weights, etc) have been thoroughly cleaned       and sanitized.  These tools will not be used in any private lessons / classes until further notice or      unless approved by individual students parent or guardian.

- We have set up an outdoor 'pop-up' studio (see photo below) 

- We have taped and set up class systems to try to keep students 6ft apart.






































Newly implemented studio rules and regulations:

The following rules will be implemented starting today (6/1/2020) and will continue until further notice. Please read through the following rules with your students.


1. Students and parents are required to read and sign the COVID-19 waiver - You can request this waiver by sending an email to thevaultdance@gmail.com or by logging on to your Mindbody account.  This waiver must be signed and turned in before returning to the studio. 

2. Parents must sign students in at the front gate for drop off.


3. Students and staff cannot participate in private lessons, classes, rehearsals, etc if they have been in contact with family or friends who have flu-like symptoms and/or have a fever of 100.4 or above. 


4. Students and staff are required to take their temperature each day before attending the studio for private lessons, classes, rehearsals, etc. If a student or staff member has a temperature of 100.4 or above - they can not enter the studio.  Please submit photo proof of temperature.  We have a touchless forehead thermometer at the studio for your use as well.


5. Students and staff members MUST remain 6ft apart.  Sorry, no hugs!! Parents please explain this rule to young students who might not understand why they are not allowed to hug staff and classmates while at the studio. 


6. Students and staff are required to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the studio. 


7. Parents and Guardians who are dropping off / picking up students are not allowed to enter the studio at this time.  As of now - There are no exceptions to this rule. We want to limit the amount of people / traffic in and out of the studio for the safety of EVERYONE.  


8. In an effort to minimize the amount of traffic in and out of the studio, no payments will be accepted at the desk.  Payments can be made online by card through your Mindbody account.