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          The Vault Dance Studio is equip with sprung floors.  Sprung floors help ease compression when dancing and prevent injury to dancers bones, muscles, and joints.  Each studio is equip with speakers that can be used through wireless blue-tooth, aux cord plug in, and/or CD player.  Fixed ballet bare surround each studio with additional freestanding bares  to accommodate all students.


The Vault has two recitals each year; Spring Recital and Winter Recital.  All students are welcome to participate in both.  We also have two competition teams; Diamond and Black Diamond.  Our Diamond competition team consists of beginning to intermediate dancers who want more performance opportunities.  The Vault Diamonds compete at 2-3 competitions per season. 

The Vault Black Diamonds are our highest level competitors.  These students dedicate 8+ hr a week to classes and rehearsals.  The Black Diamonds compete at about 5 competitions including 1 National competition where they compete against studios from all over the country.


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